Security & Tactical Training

All training is conducted by members of our Strike Team...........


All training is conducted by members of our Strike Team. The team is trained in tactical movement, house penetration, hostage rescue and handle all the arrests of suspects. Our average Strike Team training course runs for 5 days during which candidates receive medical training (first aid and buddy aid), house penetration scenarios are played out using paintball guns at first, then live ammunition runs are conducted on the last two days. We focus on fire and movement, use of cover, moving as a team, handcuffing and extracting suspects and rescuing hostages.

Due to the nature of the training more information cannot be provided on the web

Corporate Training

We offer Corporate Training where we focus on several levels of training depending on what the client needs.

The training starts with basic training and weapons handling for clients with little or no previous firearm experience. Such training involves dismantling the weapon, explaining how the parts work, basic stances and basic target shooting.

The next level is the advanced pistol/tactical movement course. Clients learn draw and fire techniques, firing while moving, mag changing, wounded officer style and combat jam clearance/reloading.

The more advanced training includes a basic and advanced shotgun course followed by basic and advanced rifle or assault rifle training.

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