About Us

Crewe’s Communication and Security Services was established in 1998. Specialised in Violent Crime 

Response, we joined forces with Tracker and became a leading recovery agent in the industry. We traded under the name of Hi Risk Unit. We started dealing with more violent crimes like bank robberies and business robberies. We also followed up with investigation services to assist the insurance companies. 

One of our emergency services successes was a customer who experienced a fire in a high rise building, we evacuated ±15,000 people and extinguished the fire and treated the injured.  It was huge success. This made us realize, the need for evacuation training and drills at our other customers.

We even provided first aid training and equipment and provided regular evacuation drills. 

This is the difference between Hi Risk Unit and any other service provider. We do not only put a guard at your door or respond to your alarm; we provide all essential services, thus giving you peace of mind that any security or emergency call will be answered immediately. 

The  Hi Risk Group  therefore  positions itself as a sophisticated security company, with equipped  personnel, to deal with an integrated tactical reaction and medical response, security systems,  and  total security solution. Our highly skilled staff members come from diverse backgrounds such as the  SAPS, intelligence, army, medical and rescue services, security, business and project management, human resources etc . 




To  control  all  elements  of  security  within  our  client  base  both  domestic  and  foreign.    Ensuring  a consistent  high  level  of  service  and  surpass  client  expectations  through  loyal  and  effective management, security consulting,  security systems  and  reaction  &  medical  response  agent,  catalyst of  transfer  of  skills,  thus  ultimately  striving  to  establish,  maintain  and  increase  the  wealth  of  our employees, our clients, our shareholders, and all our stakeholders.  


Adhering to a philosophy of reducing overall security risk, by implementing and professionally maintaining physical, technical and human security solutions, which are tailored to each individual client’s needs. To contribute towards the enforcement of broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and Holistic Creation, Stimulation and Development of the country’s economy, job creation, poverty alleviation and thus ultimately bring about social balances. 


Good governance as contained in the King Code Guide on “Corporate Governance” shall always form part of our company policies.  We shall always put “Youth Development” in particular, in the forefront of our empowerment policies.  Establish and maintain effective and efficient quality service delivery.  Establish and always maintain a business environment   guided by moral values.  We are driven by the needs of our clients and operate strictly on the lawful governance stipulated by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). 

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